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How to Make 2019 Your Best Marketing Year Yet

January 02, 2019
It’s the time of year for reflection and planning, not just for our personal lives but also for our businesses. Let 2019 be the most successful year in marketing yet by reviewing your success in 2018... Read More

The Biggest Digital Marketing Takeaways from 2018

December 18, 2018
2018 was a year of Winter Olympics, a royal wedding, and Ariana Grande, but for digital marketing, what were the biggest takeaways from this year? Read More

Life as an Intern: Emily Flowers

December 12, 2018
When I started my junior year at UNC, I didn’t expect to take on an internship and I definitely wasn’t actively looking for one. But when one of my sorority sisters, Sissy, posted about a marketing... Read More

Life as a Senior Client Success Specialist

December 11, 2018
Hey! I’m Michael Hwang and I am Sr. Client Success Specialist here at Netsertive. You may be wondering what that means, and it’s a great question. The Client Success team is responsible for the... Read More

Life as an Executive Assistant

December 06, 2018
My name is Stephanie Forbes and I am an Executive Assistant at Netsertive. My typical day actually starts at the end of the previous day. I prepare my to-do list for the next day before I leave the... Read More

Life as a Client Success Specialist

December 03, 2018
Hey! I'm Aulbrie London and I work in Account Management here at Netsertive - I think my title is technically "Client Success Specialist" but really my main responsibility is taking care of my... Read More

Life as a Product Marketing Specialist

November 29, 2018
You might have read some of my product blogs recently (hopefully!) and wondering what a day in the life as Mary Clayton Shearer, a Product Marketing Specialist at Netsertive, is like. Read More

What to Do If You Only Have $1,000 to Spend

November 28, 2018
We’ve discussed the steps you can take to set yourself up for success with a limited budget, but what does this look like in practice? Here are some examples of what you could do if you only have... Read More

Three Steps to Maximizing a Limited Digital Marketing Budget

November 26, 2018
No matter what your marketing budget is, maximizing return on investment is extremely important but it becomes even more so when you have a limited budget. With a small budget, it can feel like you... Read More

Life as a Team Development Associate

November 21, 2018
Welcome! My name is Christina Hadley, and I have worked at Netsertive for about 8 months as a Team Development Associate, which is a cool way to say “I am an HR assistant.” Grab a cup of coffee or... Read More

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