What You Can Learn From Healthcare Marketing Leaders

March 09, 2018
When was the last time you read an engaging brochure at your doctor’s office or watched a funny commercial for your local dentist? If you’re stumped, you’re not alone. Healthcare marketing has... Read More

Digital Dealer Workshops Wrap-Up

March 08, 2018
We just got back from Digital Dealer Workshops, which took place in Chicago last month. Held in McCormick Place, the conference is a meeting place for automotive professionals from around the world... Read More

Optimizing for Landing Page Views With Facebook Ads

March 05, 2018
With more than 2.2 billion monthly active users and in-depth targeting features, Facebook is one of the best places to find qualified leads for your business. Read More

Then and Now: The Evolution of Social Media

February 21, 2018
Social media has taken over our lives and although it’s still in its infancy, it looks like it is here to stay. Being a marketer myself and focusing heavily on social media I often get asked how... Read More

Tough Love: Confessions from an Automotive Dealer

February 20, 2018
  As someone who spent many years working directly with automotive dealers publishing content, promoting holiday sales and maintaining websites, I’ve witnessed quite a few marketing bad habits within... Read More

Tough Love Webinar Wrap Up

February 19, 2018
We all have bad habits but the longer you let them linger and grow, the harder it is to change. More often than not, we don't try to change the bad habits in our companies because we are too busy... Read More

Love Your Patients: How To Improve Patient Satisfaction

February 14, 2018
Americans are spending more money on plastic surgery than ever before - a whopping $16 billion in 2016, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That’s a lot of competition. Read More

5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Social Media Marketing For Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2018
Valentine’s Day is among us and whether you love it or hate it your business could leverage the holiday for your social media campaigns. According to the National Retail Federation consumers will... Read More

5 Ways to Kick Start Sales in Your Small Business

February 13, 2018
When sales slow down, most business owners take one of two approaches to addressing the problem: they make sweeping changes, or do nothing at all and attribute the drop to forces beyond their control. Read More