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Year-End Tips & Trends for Automotive OEM's and Dealers

October 11, 2016

Dare to Digital University


Welcome to Dare to Digital University, your guide to digital marketing in 15 minutes or less.

Today two of our Netsertive automotive experts, Ruth Jones and Gary Galloway, give you a sneak peek into our two essential end-of-year resources for automotive OEM's and dealers.

The fuel behind these resources is our automotive digital marketing intelligence platform, our platform houses the campaigns of national OEM's and hundreds of local dealers. This platform provides us with more than 10 years of data every month! All of this data allows our expert team to make more than 130 million changes to our client's campaigns every month, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and keep their cost as low as possible.

Our automotive digital marketing intelligence platform also makes it easy for OEM's to work with their dealers to leverage digital marketing. We call it the brand-to-local opportunity. What exactly is the opportunity here? Last year we did a Borrell study and it showed that $36 billion in co-op funds is earmarked every year by brands and $14 billion goes unused and wasted! Netsertive puts these funds to work and unlocks co-op dollars for automotive dealers.

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We've collected all of this data into our new Automotive Digital Marketing Intelligence Report and made it freely available to you. Gain perspective on what's working and what's not before you start planning for 2017.

Automotive Digital Marketing Intelligence1. Get the Big Picture with the 2016 Automotive Digital Intelligence Report

- Learn how to future-proof your marketing strategy
- Find out the digital marketing mix that's attracting the most shoppers right now
- Get 2016 industry trends and learn what they mean for your dealership

Download the Report

But what's equally as important as planning for 2017? Finishing out 2016 with record-breaking holiday sales!

Look ahead to the holidays with a webinar hosted by Netsertive and Google, where we've shared our data and insights on how to use digital marketing to sell more this holiday season.

Grow Automotive Holiday Sales with Google2. Watch and Learn with the 'Grow Holiday Sales with Google' Webinar

- Learn how mobile is changing customer search behavior
- Discover new ways to drive new customers to your business
- Tips to realign your marketing strategy to turn industry trends into sales opportunities

Wacth Now


Here's a sneak peak at some of trends and tips we're most excited about...

Did you know that gas prices have dropped almost 9% the first half of the year? To coin a phrase: As gas prices go, so goes disruption. So during this time period small car sales went down almost as much as gas prices, while light truck sales went up by about the same amount.

So the question is, how can dealers spotlight their light trucks and other inventory to capitalize on lower has prices?

Tip: An effective tactic for capitalizing on this is literally right at dealer’s fingertips. By the time you’re done listening to this sentence more than 390,000 Google searches will have been completed. We all know it’s critical to highly visible here with search engine marketing that delivers a strong call to action to attract shoppers.

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It's time to add social media advertising to your marketing mix.

Facebook is the #1 social network and the second most popular website, only Google is more popular. A staggering 74% of Americans are on Facebook and in fact, not only do three-quarters of Americans go on Facebook -but they are on there more than 50-minutes every day!

Usage of Facebook and Instagram grew to more than 50 minutes a day in August. That’s a 25% increase over the same month last year. Surprisingly, only a small percentage - about 10 percent of dealers are leveraging Facebook advertising right now.

Subaru is one of the OEMs that was an early adopter of social media advertising and targeting their younger more active buyers. Their monthly sales are up for 56-consecutive months in a large part by effectively leveraging social advertising. This presents a huge opportunity to gain massive marketshare!

Another underutilized marketing channel is digital video.

Almost 70% of auto buyers say they’re influenced largely by digital video. That’s an even bigger influence than television, newspapers, and magazines.

Video translates quite effectively on both mobile and desktop devices. In 2008, did you know that 80% of internet usage was done on a personal computer? TODAY that number has dropped to just 32%. PCs are being replaced by smartphones. Nearly 70% of all Internet traffic occurs today on our phones.

And what’s really cool is that you can see this trend when you look at ad clicks by device type in our digital marketing campaign data year over year. For example, mobile ad clicks for Kia are up more than 600%. For Mazda, mobile results are up more than 700%.

So we know where you’re showing up online is important. Now let’s talk about WHEN.

At Netsertive, we believe that your digital advertising must give you the power to reach at least 70% OF LOCAL BUYERS every hour of every day.

Our platform allows our experts and our technology to manage your digital advertising budget every day throughout the month, so you aren’t missing opportunities. So take a look at your share of voice data by hour. If your ads are disappearing in the late afternoon or early evening everyday, we need to talk.

So showing up consistently is critical online. More important is how often your ads are clicked by high-intent buyers. After all, the ultimate goal of digital marketing is to attract high-intent auto buyers to YOUR website and get them to take an action, e.g. calling your dealership or submitting a web form. Each action is a conversion, with high-performance campaigns delivering an increasing number of new sales opportunities over time. Here at Netsertive, 51% of our clients are paying $80 or less per conversion, that’s about HALF the industry average!

Well, it’s clear digital marketing is here to stay and that social media advertising and video advertising are the growing giants. So to help our clients feel the results of well executed social media and video advertising campaign we're waiving the subscription fee for the month of October. For more information about this special offer click here or contact one of our automotive experts at 1.800.940.4351.

Hurry, this offer expires on October 31!

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