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3 Key Insights from The 2017 Automotive Digital Marketing Intelligence Report

Posted by Danielle Quarles on Mar 16, 2017 5:16:00 PM
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017 Automotive Digital Marketing Intelligence Reports

Our 2017 Automotive Digital Marketing Intelligence Report delivers key insights and data from a portfolio of hundreds of automotive dealers and a dozen OEMs who leverage our digital marketing intelligence platform. The data covers the entirety of 2016 and forecasts insights for 2017.

The digital disruption of the automotive industry accelerated in 2016. Two forces are driving digital transformation: tech-savvy shoppers with unlimited access to online information, and a service delivery model with customer experience at its core.

Add a third variable – the shift from traditional to digital marketing – and it’s clear that the most successful dealers and OEMs will embrace a local digital marketing solution to drive high-intent shoppers to local rooftops during the complex path to purchase.

Here are Three Key Insights From the 2017 Automotive Digital Marketing Intelligence Report

1. One-trick Pony Digital Campaigns Underperform by 37%

Dealers understand the importance of being found on Google and Bing by prospective buyers - the “next ups” on dealer’s lot. That’s why dealers invest $5,000 or more per month on Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

But search alone isn’t enough.

When we compared the incremental impact on search engine marketing performance that included digital video and Facebook, the data showed that dealers investing in multiple channels captured 37% more conversions than those investing in search marketing alone.

2. Multichannel Campaigns Reduce Costs

Netsertive clients greatly lowered their cost per acquisition (CPA) by investing in Search Engine Marketing and at least one display channel: banner ads, retargeting, digital video, or Facebook.

As a result, 61% of clients paid $30 or less per website conversion in 2016. That’s one-third the automotive industry average of $90 CPA.

3. After 5 PM most dealers are invisible online

Without a right-sized investment, local dealers go dark online at 5 PM when their daily budget is exhausted. That opens the door to giving away customers to their competition.

Netsertive’s technology proactively tunes up every campaign to deliver strong visibility as far into the day as possible for a given investment. The solution, adding funds enables dealers to maximize their digital visibility and stop giving away auto shoppers to the competition.

To learn more, join Netsertive’s automotive experts, Gary Galloway and Tim McLain, on April 6 at 1:30 PM ET for a free, 30-minute webinar to go in-depth into the report’s findings.

Attendees will get a copy of the report after the event, plus get fresh insights to get ahead of their competition and meet their goals.

2017 Automotive Digital Marketing Intelligence Reports

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