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5 Questions with Stacey Bargar

Posted by Ashley Freeman on Jun 13, 2019 3:20:05 PM
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Last year Stacey became the Director of Healthcare Enterprise Solutions as her success, customer retention and results brought her to this role. Formerly, Stacey was a Director of Major Accounts and spent time in Account Management and Operations for the Automotive vertical with a specialty in OEMs. She got her start in digital advertising at an ABC News affiliate and she didn't stop there. Stacey's first passion is digital marketing since she has seen the return on investment strike over and over again from small businesses to large corporations! She has worked in several verticals while she defined her skillset: automotive, healthcare, home improvement and home goods just to name a few. Check out what Stacey has to say about healthcare marketing below. 

What attracted you most to healthcare marketing?

I’ve done some healthcare marketing in the past when I lived in Boston so I was naturally intrigued by the chance to get it jump-started here at Netsertive. It’s astounding to get the right person to the right physician with digital marketing. We indirectly have the ability to change and ultimately save lives and transform businesses. The consumerization of healthcare is in hypergrowth right now and those are my favorite types of projects!

What was your career focus before healthcare marketing?

Before healthcare marketing at Netsertive, I spent several years in the automotive world of digital marketing. I worked with large automotive dealership groups, Manufacturers and everything in between. My team was responsible for launching programs like Fiat-Chrysler, Acura, Mazda, KIA and Volkswagen here at Netsertive.

What challenges do you find most interesting in healthcare marketing?

The lack of digital support by most healthcare systems. They know they need to be doing it, but they’re quite a bit behind other industries, and while the goal isn’t always ROI, it’s a much better ROI than any other medium.

What is your biggest piece of advice for bringing attention to healthcare practices and services?

Look at your data, mine your data, and when you don’t have time--ask me to do it for you. All kidding aside, there is a wealth of knowledge in the data. I came from a traditional media background and while it is turning more digital--traditional media still holds its place in the patient journey. Use your data in Analytics to find your true audience. Data doesn’t lie.

What are you most excited about for the future of this industry?

Is it too broad to say everything? I love watching industries revolutionize the way that they’re marketing themselves, and doing it in such a way that it is methodical and strategic. That will happen in the next five years and I know my team will be a large part of that story!

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