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Adding Free Delivery to Your Headline Can Improve Your ROI

Posted by E.J. Thompson on Oct 5, 2018 10:19:52 AM
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It’s common in our lives to test out different ways to do the things we do everyday. Is our exercise routine not getting us the results we want? Try a new class! Did a recipe turn out “just OK?” Try a different ingredient! This concept is practiced in Digital Marketing too! Did you know that our Ad Creation & Performance Team performs several A/B tests per quarter to analyze data so that we can make sure we are getting the best return on investment for our clients? For ads, an A/B test takes two versions of an ad and compares them against each other to see which one is performing better and why. A/B testing also aims to optimize a page and can help increase revenue without changing the current spend.


The big takeaway this quarter was the importance of calling out free delivery in Headline 2 of a Google expanded text ad. In August, Google added expanded text ads which are 2x bigger than a regular text ad. The new ads help maximize your businesses presence and performance on mobile and desktop search by adding a bigger headline and longer description. Ads with free delivery in Headline 2 are 1.9x more likely to show up, 2.2x more likely to be clicked on, and 3x more likely to convert!

free delivery

If you offer free delivery to your customers, please make sure that your website reflects that information and if you are a current Netsertive customer, please let your Account Manager know so that our Ad Creation team can update your ads. With the holidays just around the corner, now would be the perfect time to let your customers know of this perk!

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