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Round 3: Empower Your Retailers with a Marketing Mix Get in the Ring!

July 25, 2014
As a Brand or Channel Executive, you may already know the significance of digital marketing, however, some of your retail partners might not have arrived at an understanding about the importance of... Read More

What Should my Business Spend on Advertising?

July 17, 2014
It's a question we hear often: "I know advertising is important. In the past, I relied on local media (newspapers, radio, TV) and word of mouth. Today, I'm reading studies that show 9 out of 10 local... Read More

Round 2: Make Retailers Prizefighters….Don’t Throw in the Towel

July 10, 2014
As a digital channel marketing company, we consult with brands and manufacturers everyday around strengthening their brand-retailer relationship. Our mission is simple. We empower them to help their... Read More

Is Your Business Loud Enough to be Heard Online? Blue Glove Minute

July 09, 2014
This week's episode: With so many businesses throwing punches and SHOUTING to be heard online, it's not enough just to show up. You have to he heard above the noise! Read More

Round 1: Why Brands Should Give Retailers Tough-Love Online

July 01, 2014
Marketing online today is not about pulling punches, it's about understanding the customer and how the customer buys. Consumers have greatly evolved with the growing adoption of the Internet and... Read More

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