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There is No Magic Bullet in Automotive Online Marketing

December 23, 2014
As an automotive marketing expert, I work with dealers everyday. The fact is, there are no magic bullets. Digital marketing results are based on fact and experience. Read More

Your Visitors Want a Mobile Experience: Blue Glove Minute

December 22, 2014
Did you know? People want to browse your website on a mobile device, but they can't. Now is the time to invest in a responsive website. That's the kind of site that looks great on televisions,... Read More

Video: Is Your Business Getting Its Share of Attention Online?

December 16, 2014
Greetings everyone, it’s time to wise up online. Today we’re going to talk about one way to measure your marketing reach online. It’s called share of voice. Basically it’s showing you how often... Read More

The Mobile Consumer: Blame Smartphones for Longer Wait Times

December 15, 2014
Put the phone down and order, please! It's all around us: smartphones are changing nearly every aspect of our lives. Call it the "smartphonification" of society. More than one of my colleagues refers... Read More

Is Your Business Leaving Money on the Table? Blue Glove Minute

December 08, 2014
Is your business leaving money on the table? As a marketing professional who works with local businesses everyday, I see it time and again: prospective customers who buy from the competition or... Read More

Why Dealers Need to Stop Being Irrational

December 04, 2014
I’ve been part of the automotive community for the better part of my professional career since college, going on 12 years now. Read More

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