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See the Path to Purchase in Your Store with Analytics

April 22, 2016
    Dare to Digital University Follow the digital path to purchase If you've ever seen a Family Circus comic strip, you know little Billy takes dotted-line paths everywhere. Turns out your customers... Read More

Calculate a Winning Marketing Budget for Your Business

April 18, 2016
    21:54 Dare to Digital University How much is enough? If you put $1 of gas in your car you wouldn't expect to go very far. Many businesses are doing the same with their marketing – and missing... Read More

Put Brand Co-Op to Work Online to Attract New Customers

April 11, 2016
    9:38 Dare to Digital University Put your brands to work online Brands set aside $36B in co-op funds each year to power local marketing – but $14B goes unredeemed. Why? Steve and Tim are here to... Read More

It's 1 o'clock. Where Are Your customers?

April 04, 2016
    Dare to Digital University It's one o'clock. Where are your customers? Think you know your customers? You might be surprised. If you're not advertising your brand or local business online, you're... Read More

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