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What Your Furniture Store Can Learn From My 90-Year-Old Grandmother

December 19, 2016
The weekend before Thanksgiving, my grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday. (Love you, Neeny!) Read More

Successful Marketing is About People, Not Tactics

December 16, 2016
In today’s complex world of modern marketing, there are too many choices, too many decisions, and too little time to focus on what's really important -reaching your ideal customer! Read More

Black Friday Shoppers Used Smartphones as “Door-to-the-Store”

December 02, 2016
Last year marketers were buzzing about the “graying” of Black Friday: most shoppers began the hunt for holiday deals before Halloween, stretching the traditional Black Friday into a full month or... Read More

Netsertive Gives Back

December 01, 2016
The holidays are just around the corner and with that comes the most charitable time of year. At Netsertive we are committed to giving back year-round. Every year our charitable giving committee,... Read More

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