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New Study Finds Car Buyers Visit Fewer Dealerships

July 31, 2017
Recent research shows that car buyers are spending less time kicking tires and more time pushing buttons on their mobile device. In fact, we surveyed over 500 consumers on their automotive buying... Read More

How to Build a Landing Page That Captures More Leads

July 28, 2017
 Landing pages are the key to converting digital traffic into qualified leads. Think of landing pages as individual pages on your site that serve as the “digital displays” for each of your products... Read More

Is Your Dealership's Lead Response Time Putting You Behind Your Competition?

July 28, 2017
If you're selling cars, you already know that you work in a highly competitive industry. The battle for local market share and new customers has never been greater and it will only continue to grow.... Read More

3 Reasons Small Businesses Need Digital Marketing

July 28, 2017
Every day we hear from small business owners who are unsure of whether digital marketing is right for their business, or they are new to digital marketing and are unsure of their investment. If this... Read More

How to Convert Calls into Appointments

July 27, 2017
Most marketers in the healthcare industry understand that traditional print advertising and word-of-mouth testimonials aren’t enough to grow a healthcare practice and bring in new patients. It takes... Read More

How to Win Online: Get in the Game with Online Video Advertising

July 26, 2017
In the last two parts of this series, we talked about strength in the Point Guard (Search Engine Marketing) and Shooting Guard (Display Advertising) positions. Now it’s time to look at what a Small... Read More

What’s Holding You Back from Using Video in Your Dealership?

July 25, 2017
Video has surpassed traditional television, newspapers, and magazines with regards to consumer influence. Last year alone 68% of consumers watched videos during their path to purchase, and most say... Read More

5 Statistics Your Practice Needs to Know About Online Video Advertising

July 20, 2017
Did you know that 1 in 2 patients watch online videos to learn more about their conditions, research a treatment, and learn more about their choice of healthcare providers? That’s 50% if you’re not... Read More

Reach Them First: Top of the Funnel Marketing

July 20, 2017
Business owners tend to focus their marketing efforts on the bottom of the funnel shoppers, or those that are closest to purchase. While this certainly seems the most effective use of marketing... Read More

Is it Time to Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

July 19, 2017
Plain and simple, running a business is hard. This is especially true when you're trying to grow with a small team. When you're strapped for time and resources it's inevitable that some areas of your... Read More

Selling the Invisible: 4 Key Elements Needed to Promote Your CoolSculpting Procedures

July 13, 2017
While shopping online this weekend, I stumbled across an ad that read "Fresh Air for Sale!" And I thought, how do you sell something invisible? How do you convince consumers to purchase an item that... Read More

3 Signs It's Time to Choose a New Digital Advertising Partner for Your Dealership

July 13, 2017
How do you know if you are getting the best value for what you are investing in digital advertising? Have you ever wondered how much work is your digital advertising provider is actually doing?   Read More

What is a Good Cost-Per-Click for Your Mattress Store's Digital Advertising Campaign?

July 11, 2017
To provide you with the best return on your advertising dollars, your digital marketing campaign must deliver a steady stream of high-intent customers at the best possible price. What is this price?... Read More

Are You Reaching Customers On All Devices?

July 11, 2017
In 2006 94% of online searches conducted originated from a desktop. But in 2016, we saw only 31% of searches from consumers coming from a desktop. What about the other 69% of searches? Those searches... Read More

How Marketing Technology Simplifies and Scales Local Sales Success

July 07, 2017
Welcome to what Forrester calls the "Age of the Customer," where local shoppers control the buying process more than businesses control the selling process. The Internet has become our primary... Read More

How to Get Started With Mobile Advertising

July 07, 2017
When you woke up this morning what was the first thing you did? If you're like the majority of today's consumers, you checked your text messages, email, and social media updates on your smartphone... Read More

How to Win Online: Is Your Display Advertising Strategy a Slam Dunk?

July 05, 2017
In my previous post, How to Win Online: Your Store Needs A Star Point Guard, I helped you identify the need for a strong point guard (search engine marketing) to run your team. A point guard isn’t... Read More

Where Are Your Dealership Ads Located?

July 05, 2017
To reach today's digital shoppers, it's essential that your dealership utilizes paid search advertising. While print and other traditional advertising methods may provide some added value, they are... Read More

Why Your Practice Needs To Think "Mobile First"

July 04, 2017
Smartphone ad clicks have grown by 41% Read More

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