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9.3 Million Reasons for Home & Tech Retailers to Double Down on Digital during the Holidays

September 20, 2018
Last year, businesses in the four segments we serve, including home furnishings and electronics, missed out on more than 15 million opportunities to sell more during the holiday season. The good... Read More

112 Reasons for Practice Owners to Double Down on Digital in Q4

September 20, 2018
"People who search online during the holidays are also much (140%) more likely to buy than those who search at other times of the year," says to Nina Thatcher, Internet Development Manager at Google.... Read More

4.4 Million Reasons for Auto Dealers to Double Down on Digital During the Holidays

September 20, 2018
A strong digital marketing push during the holiday season (October, November, December) is one of the best investments you can make for your dealership. People love to shop for new and used vehicles... Read More

3 Ways to Increase Engagement On Video Advertising

September 18, 2018
We hope you've been following our YouTube blog series, and if you have, you already know why you should shift your advertising dollars from TV to YouTube. We've shared that moving marketing dollars... Read More

Two New YouTube Advertising Products That Excite Us

September 07, 2018
As digital video usage increases, more advertisers have adopted digital video advertising. Therefore, Google is continuing to release new tools and targeting capabilities on YouTube to give this... Read More

Life as an Intern: Sissy Rodriguez

September 04, 2018
Near the end of spring this past year, I began to contemplate how I would want to spend my summer. I had a big trip planned for September, so as a new college graduate, I knew it would be difficult... Read More

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