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Black Friday Shoppers Used Smartphones as “Door-to-the-Store”

Posted by Tim McLain on Dec 2, 2016 11:22:58 AM
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Last year marketers were buzzing about the “graying” of Black Friday: most shoppers began the hunt for holiday deals before Halloween, stretching the traditional Black Friday into a full month or more.

This year the trends focused on smartphones. Holiday shoppers relied more than ever on their smartphones as their “door-to-the-store,” researching hours, locations, sales, brands, and in-store product availability.1

The best news: in-store foot traffic was 65% higher compared to an average weekend day in the month of November. Once in the store, the average customer spent between 35 minutes and 1.5 hours shopping on Black Friday.2

In fact, new Google data revealed today that Black Friday shoppers turned to mobile not only to find good deals online but also to discover the best deals in-store. Rhode Island and Delaware had the most local store shopping search engine intent – search queries on Google that contained “near me” of any states in the nation.3

As a single day, Black Friday itself had the largest number of mobile searches of any day during Thanksgiving week. On Thanksgiving Day smartphone searches peaked at 8PM.

All of these trends are expected to continue through the holiday season, setting the stage for yet another new year of digital marketing opportunity to turn online research for brands and local businesses into a steady stream of new customers.


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