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What Your Furniture Store Can Learn From My 90-Year-Old Grandmother

Posted by Tim McLain on Dec 19, 2016 3:07:42 PM
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The weekend before Thanksgiving, my grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday. (Love you, Neeny!)

Dozens of grandkids and great-grandkids gathered at her home in rural Pennsylvania to mark the occasion. When my family arrived, we found her surrounded by family, relaxing in her brand new, burgundy red La-Z-Boy recliner.


One grandmother's path to purchase

As a professional marketer, seeing Neeny’s recliner made me curious. How did she shop for La-Z-Boy, and where did she decide to buy?

"I looked in the newspaper," she said. The pile of daily papers on her kitchen table reminded me that she was still keeping up with the local news. "But I didn't see any chairs that I liked."

A few days later, my mother arrived to prepare for the party. "We saw this exact recliner on TV, and your mother helped me look for it with the iPad," Neeny said. "We found one on Keystone Furniture's website. They’re right down the road."

Keystone furniture website digital door physical door click to brick marketing

After a quick visit to Keystone's showroom to sit in her new La-Z-Boy, Neeny was sold. The chair was delivered just in time for the party, and she couldn't be happier with her new purchase.

What can retailers learn from my 90-year-old grandmother?

1. Your store must be found online, even if you don't sell online.

My grandmother, like most of your customers, is in an older demographic. She uses the Internet to research purchases. Today, 64% of people ages 65+ use the Internet, email or access the Internet via a mobile device daily.1

Internet usage by age demographic pew internet research

Neeny was exposed to a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels throughout her path to purchase. Research shows that a majority of local shoppers will use the Internet to research your brands, products, and services before they buy.2

Plus, shoppers often watch TV while using mobile devices like the iPad at the same time. One study shows that TV viewers watch TV with another device 77% of the time, with 81% having a smartphone within reach.3

Neeny saw the chair she wanted on TV, but used her iPad to search the Web, where she found Keystone Furniture.

2. When people are ready to make a purchase, most (94%) buy from a local store.4

Online retailers like Amazon and eBay may get all the headlines, but local retailers need to know that the Internet is the new Yellow Pages. It's where we go to research purchases and look up local businesses when we're ready to buy. Forrester Research reports that 94% of all retail sales occur in local stores. It's never been more important for local retailers to be easily found online during every path to purchase.

It's never been more important for local retailers to be easily found online during every path to purchase.

3. Smart retailers leverage their brands to attract customers.

As a La-Z-Boy Comfort Studio, Keystone Furniture smartly leveraged this well-known brand to get the sale. They knew that when local shoppers are exposed to La-Z-Boy ads on TV, radio or in print, 75% of the time they go online to learn more.2

Netsertive helps brands and retailers work together

At Netsertive, we're the experts in cooperative (co-op) digital marketing. We help national brands like La-Z-Boy, Serta, Electrolux, Whirpool, LG, and others team up with their local retailers on our marketing platform to work together to reach local consumers.

Many of your brands want to help you take advantage of their turnkey campaigns with us. You'll save on media, design and production costs, and reach new local customers the instant they look for you, your products and our brands online.

Best of all, our technology proactively updates every online campaign to send more customers to local stores every month.


Watch video recordings of our recent webinars for Serta and La-Z-Boy retailers to learn the basics of local digital marketing. Get a free copy of our Click to Brick Marketing Workbook to create a modern marketing plan for your store.

Learn from Neeny's shopping experience. Reach out to learn how we turn local Internet research into new customers. We're here to help.

1 Pew Research Center, Internet User Demographics.
2 Google and Compete, The Role of Digital in the Path to Purchase.
3 Google, Ipsos, and Sterling, The New Multi-Screen World.
4 Forrester Research, The Role of Digital in the Path to Purchase.

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