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December Update: Netsertive Technology Year in Review

Posted by Liz Mackie on Dec 19, 2017 11:04:39 AM
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Netsertive Technology

Speed, automation, optimization. These themes powered everything our product and development teams delivered this year as we rolled out new features and enhancements to our digital marketing technology.

As we reach year’s end, it’s the perfect time to look back and provide insight into what we’re working on in early 2018.

Grew Tech Portfolio With Acquisition of Creative Management Platform

We strengthened our position as the fastest-growing brand-to-local marketing tech platform with the mid-year acquisition of Seattle-based creative management platform, Mixpo. The company now provides a next-generation creative solution for all digital advertising formats that solves for the workflow challenges of managing complex, cross-channel digital marketing campaigns.

We’re excited to roll out Mixpo’s capabilities across our brand-to-local campaigns in the new year and continue to offer innovative solutions for publishers and television stations, with more details to come as 2018 begins.

Marketing Platform Speed & Scale Enhancements

A critical factor in digital marketing is the ability to execute and optimize campaigns at speed (multi-location retailer case study).

We’re laser-focused on how our expert teams and technology can help brands and retailers execute digital marketing faster to stay ahead of the market. 2017 was no exception when it came to a focus on product innovation around speed. Here is a short summary of some of the developments we instituted that helped us improve our speed and efficiency:

  • Promotion automation allows us to onboard and enable clients for brand-sponsored promotions 92% faster than before, giving us the ability to efficiently and effectively turn on hundreds or thousands of individual locations during time-bound marketing events to drive more customers in-store
  • Enhanced automation features for call tracking allows us to deliver accurate call attribution faster, so our partners can turn calls into sales opportunities
  • Faster delivery of client lead alerts for website conversions, cutting processing time so retailers and brands can follow up faster and close the sale
  • Adjustments to how and where our partners can view performance data in our reporting dashboard delivers data views and analytics faster, so taking action on our marketing intelligence gives our clients an edge over their competition


Partner Campaign Optimization & Automation

One of the reasons we’re able to deliver brand-to-local digital marketing campaigns at scale with speed are the tools we have built inside our proprietary technology platform. This year we made several updates to campaign optimization, including:

  • Our search bid optimization technology works continuously to ensure that bids are optimized based on shifts in consumer traffic to ensure that your marketing messages appear in the most-visible ad positions on Google and Bing. We delivered several upgrades to this critical feature so our platform can make adjustments even faster than before, so we can respond more quickly to ever-changing auction dynamics to keep our partners ahead of national and local competitors competing for visibility among high-intent buyers in their market.
  • In order to further optimize and automate the success of our partner’s marketing investments, we launched new budget optimization technology that now automatically adjusts budgets and spend allocation across advertising categories, digital channels, and concurrent campaigns. This new feature ensures that partners received maximum performance from every dollar spent on digital marketing to meet and exceed their business goals.
  • While our technology does the heavy lifting to power the scale and speed of our partner campaigns, our team of digital marketing professionals are hands-on in every campaign, every day. We developed a new set of automated alerts that notify our client success team if a campaign’s cost per conversion increases, a client’s overall impression share in their market drops, if search marketing extensions require attention, if digital assets are disapproved by one of our publishing partners, and much more. These automated notifications allow our professionals to keep every campaign on track all day, every day.


New Digital Ad Formats & Targeting Capabilities

The digital marketing world is constantly changing. Partners like Google and Facebook are always working on adding, updating and improving their ad formats and targeting capabilities.  In 2017, we added some new formats for our clients campaigns, including expanded text ads in Bing and integration with Google My Business.

Our new Brand to Local Audiences for Facebook were deployed this summer, giving us dozens of new ways to better target and attract high-intent shoppers looking for the products and services our partners provide. This technology allows us to look across a brand’s entire network at the people who are shopping for products that our clients sell and use this data to gather insights into the people who are actively shopping. Using these network learnings we are modeling new, larger lookalike audiences for our campaigns, allowing more precise targeting of people who are likely to be shopping for our clients’ products.


What’s Coming in 2018

In addition to all of the enhancements and product innovations we delivered in 2017, we are already hard at work developing a portfolio of new features and capabilities for 2018. Some of the things we are excited to bring to market for brands and their local partners include extending our media capabilities in order to further improve campaign precision and better reach consumers at every stage of the buying journey.

We’re also focused on leveraging our network data and delivering even more valuable data insights along with an improved user experience so all of our clients can easily and intuitively review and analyze campaign performance.

Our teams are hard at work, developing smarter technology tools to better digital marketing value, faster and at scale, making it easier for our partners to manage complex digital marketing campaigns across hundreds or thousands of locations. Watch for product updates as we enter the new year.

Finally, a big thank you! to our growing roster of partners – your success is at our core. If you’re not yet part of the Netsertive family, we extend an invitation to you – whether you’re a brand marketer or are looking to attract customers to one or more locations – to learn more about our solutions to turn clicks into customers.

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