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Google Ad Rank Change Helps You Take the Lead Online

November 05, 2013

When your customers use search engines like Google to research a local purchase, they're interested in the most relevant and useful results.

As a Google Premier SMB partner, our mission at Netsertive to deliver highly relevant ads to consumers searching for your products and services online, using the latest online marketing technology to deliver results.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that Google has made a change to Ad Rank, their ad serving calculation in AdWords text advertisements.

What does this change mean to you? Our early integration of a feature known as "ad extensions" is likely to produce enhanced marketing results for your business. Immediately.



When you subscribed to Netsertive, your account manager set up hand-crafted extensions in your campaign. Extensions give your business the power to provide more information to potential customers and give them additional ways to respond and engage with your marketing message.

For example, local customers can call your business number (Call Extensions), see your location on a map (Location Extensions), or choose an even more relevant webpage on your site that you're promoting (Site Extensions).

Our data proves that ad extensions improve click through rate and overall campaign performance because they make your ads more relevant to local consumers.

Traditionally, Google’s Ad Rank was determined by the maximum bid (cost per click) and quality score. Starting this week, Ad Rank factors in the ad extensions we’ve embedded in your campaign.

With this latest change, your extensions may now positively affect your Ad Rank, which will influence where your ad appears in search engine results (likely higher) and how much you’ll pay per click (potentially less).

We expect a large positive performance impact relative to competitors in your market. It was no surprise that we were ahead of the game.

Since our platform already powers enhancements like ad extensions for you, you can rest assured that, while others try to catch up with advancements like this, you are well taken care of by Netsertive.

Our Digital Marketing Engine and unique approach to analyzing data within your industry will continue to yield the highest results and quality for your business.

If you would like to understand how to leverage this opportunity, your Account Manager is always available to review and enhance your campaign goals to address your unique business needs and objectives.

Brendan Morrissey is the CEO at Netsertive (


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