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How Brands Are Utilizing Localized Video Advertising

Posted by Kunal Thakur on Aug 20, 2018 10:41:22 AM
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The transition from TV to digital video advertising is prompting the marketplace to rethink their marketing strategy and approaches to video advertising. As discussed in previous blogs, it is essential for brands to utilize digital video for their advertising in order to stay current with their customers.

In order to truly succeed using YouTube and other digital video platforms, brands should utilize a localization strategy in their marketing efforts to create customer experiences built on data and analytics. Localization is the process of adapting and managing marketing campaigns for specific markets and geographic locations. By using a localization strategy with digital video advertising, brands can reap many benefits that have a positive impact on their ROI. 

Local Awareness

This is the most common reason why a brand would choose to invest in a localized video campaign. Large brands can struggle with giving off a feeling of accessibility and familiarity that consumers easily get from their local stores. Localized video campaigns can help with this by letting consumers know which of their local stores carry your brand so that those products and services feel more available. For the local store, this type of campaign can make them more attractive to consumers who have an interest in the brand. Overall, you are Strengthening the connection between national brand and local store.

Brand-to-Local Campaign Alignment

As a brand, it can be difficult to maintain a consistent image and alignment across marketing campaigns on the national and local level. Making sure that all local campaigns are compliant with brand standards is important not only to protect the brand but also to maintain a clear message for consumers. By implementing a localized digital video campaign, brands can tie their national campaigns to local stores and better control incremental marketing investment with marketing development funds, co-op programs, and other brand-retailer marketing partnerships.

Address Soft Demand

Interest and demand can vary widely for products and services across regions and even between neighboring cities. When brands rely on national campaigns alone there is an assumption that dollars spent in one region are as valuable as dollars spent in another region - which isn’t always the case. By implementing a localized digital video strategy, brands can analyze regional and local differences in demand and adjust their media strategies accordingly. Brands will also have the flexibility to vary messaging in different geographies to address soft demand.  

Product Launches and Store Openings

Product launches and store openings in new markets are a unique use case where you might consider employing a localized digital video campaign. The results of the localized campaign will allow you to get market feedback by region or location so you know where to further invest brand funds or where significant changes need to be made for a new product or store can be successful.

All in all, there are a multitude of advantages that come with using localization in a brand’s digital video advertising strategy. To keep up with consumer expectations and provide the customer experience that will bring people into stores, brands must combine localization and digital video advertising into their marketing campaigns.

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