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How YouTube Advertising Can Improve Your Search Lift

Posted by Mary Clayton Shearer on Aug 6, 2018 11:04:49 AM
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If you are considering YouTube as a new advertising channel, don’t forget to invest in your paid search campaign, too. The performance impact of YouTube advertising on paid search is one of the more compelling reasons why you should take it into serious consideration.

People are more likely to search after watching digital video

In 2018, Google reported that “people are 85% more likely to search for a brand or product after seeing a television spot,” but are “425% more likely to search for a brand or product after seeing a digital video.”

If you think about yourself in these different situations, the statistic makes sense. You probably watch a television ad passively (if at all), hoping it will end, and wait for your show to return. In contrast, when you see a digital video you are probably more engaged because the ad is short and skippable. However, when something catches your eye, it’s easy to search for that product or service immediately because you are already on your phone, tablet, or computer. You just need to open a new tab and search for it. 

YouTube Advertising Increases Search Lift

Netsertive heard that YouTube advertising also improved paid search campaign performance because people are more likely to search for that product or service after seeing a digital video ad. We decided to put that theory to the test.

A local orthodontist practice decided to give YouTube advertising a try with Netsertive, and the difference in search data nine days before and nine days after launching their YouTube campaign is astounding.


By running a YouTube campaign promoting their orthodontic services and Invisalign services, the local orthodontist practice improved their search performance significantly. More people began searching for keywords relevant to their practice and services and more people began clicking on their paid search ads.

In addition, conversions for the practice’s search campaign increased from 9 to 24 (a 167 percent increase) in that nine-day period after the YouTube campaign began. This implies that the clicks coming from paid search also became more valuable.

What about other verticals?

Netsertive has seen similar statistics for the other verticals we serve. A local mattress store had a 13 percent increase in search lift after implementing YouTube with Netsertive, leading to a 15 percent increase in CTR and a 32 percent increase in conversions. A local car dealership saw a five percent search lift in their local market leading to an eight percent increase in more users to their site.

So, why not try out advertising on YouTube?

Not only is the digital video becoming increasingly popular, but YouTube’s robust targeting options make it easy to reach your ideal customer where they watch video online. You can simultaneously improve awareness with digital video and increase the value and return on investment of your paid search campaigns.

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