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Kansas Furniture Store: "With digital marketing, we get more bang for our buck."

Posted by Tim McLain on Jun 15, 2018 3:01:29 PM
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Local residents know all about The Furniture Store of Kansas. With a big television budget, there's no lack of awareness among customers of the store's owner who's featured in every spot, as well as their latest offers on furniture and bedding.
When I traveled to the store a few weeks ago, I met with Josh Hoffman. Josh handles the store's marketing, and I wanted to hear first-hand how he's capturing the demand generated by their TV campaign with digital marketing.
When did your store first open?
We've been in business here in McPherson, Kansas for 29 years. We specialize in furniture that's middle to upper-end goods, plus bedding. Mattresses are a big part of our business.
We've built our reputation on service and the quality of what we sell. When someone buys from us they have confidence that we're going to take care of them. We offer free delivery and financing, too.
How did you attract customers in the past?
The marketing we've done in the past is all the normal things, television spots and the newspaper. We've found that TV has been the most effective of all of them but it's becoming less effective. Newspapers are really dying off, so we don't do much of that anymore. Both are hard to track to know exactly what's happening, it's more of do we feel like it's working or not.
What led you to using digital marketing to bring in new customers?
We moved to digital because we're seeing a slow down in the results from our other advertising mediums, honestly. We feel like this is the way things are going, and we knew we had to start doing it. We just weren't achieving our sales goals anymore with print specifically. 
Why did you choose Netsertive for your digital marketing?
We were buying digital through our newspaper. Newspapers have been offering us digital services for a while now. And we just weren't getting the response that we needed. It just wasn't working.
So we wanted to work with a vendor who specialized in digital, of course, and the category that we sell. We knew that was the only way they could help us achieve what we needed to achieve with it. 
We first heard about Netsertive at our buying group show, which was MEGA at the time. Now it's Nationwide Marketing Group, the two have merged. Netsertive has great marketing technology that they've created and been perfecting for 8 years now. Their software is always analyzing things, and making sure that we're running effective ads online to get customers. 
The best part of starting with Netsertive was that it was super easy. We have an account manager, Tamara, who took us through setting things up on our website, they were much more hands-on to be sure we were doing all the things we needed to do to be successful. We picked specific areas to target in our market and set the right budget to reach people, they really know what it takes to make digital work for us. So they really made it easy. 
How is your digital marketing campaign working?
Customers come in and tell us that they're finding us online all the time. Especially since we switched to Netsertive. With our other digital campaigns we didn't hear about it as much. Once we started with you we hear it on a daily basis that they saw us online and came into the store. 
I love working with Tamara, she's our personal success manager. The best thing about having her is that I can send her anything that I need done to my campaign, any changes we need, and it happens almost instantly. She gets back with me quickly, I can call her directly, it's great. We always have the right ads running at the right times and we get the kinds of customers we need.
What advice would you give to another store owner who's trying to decide which digital vendor to work with for their furniture store?
I would pick Netsertive, because if you do you'll get more bang for your buck. You'll get more customers in the store, you'll get more phone calls, and you'll hear from people who see your ads online way more than other vendors who are trying to do the same thing.
Netsertive makes changes to my campaign that I could never, ever do on my own. They make more than 1,000 changes every month, they always make sure that we're running in the right places with the right ads, and I can login anytime to see reporting about how it's working.
I also love seeing the phone calls that come from Netsertive. We get about 100 a month. These come right from our digital ads that have our special phone number on them. I can listen to them anytime to hear how it's working. We hear people coming in saying that they bought from us because they found us online.
We track at the point of sale where people are hearing about our sales. Since we started with Netsertive in the first six months we saw a doubling in the number of people that told us, yeah, we bought because we saw your ads online.
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