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Life as a Client Success Specialist

Posted by Aulbrie London on Dec 3, 2018 1:01:33 PM
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Hey! I'm Aulbrie London and I work in Account Management here at Netsertive - I think my title is technically "Client Success Specialist" but really my main responsibility is taking care of my clients and making sure their needs are met. Hard to believe I've been here almost 2 years already - it's really flown by!

In my time here, I've worked exclusively within our Home Goods vertical meaning all of my clients are furniture, mattress and appliance stores. It's been a lot of fun and I've recently started working with our America's Mattress team which has been fun as I'm learning more about that brand and working more closely with those clients.

I'd love to take you through a typical "day in the life." While every single day is different, there are certain things I do every day like talking with clients, working on their digital marketing campaigns and taking care of administrative type responsibilities, too. Below is what tomorrow (tentatively) looks like for me. Things are always subject to change, but here's what I have on my calendar:

8am - Get into work and get my coffee!

8:45am - Call scheduled with one of my favorite clients - am I allowed to have favorites? They have multiple appliance stores in New England and have been a long-term client of mine. Their marketing agency joins the calls as well and so we always have super productive meetings

10am - Call scheduled where another Account Manager is transitioning an America's Mattress client to me. Since I recently started working more closely with that brand, I am getting more of those types of clients

11am - Call scheduled with a furniture client in the Midwest

12pm - 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff! Our Home Goods Account Management team is having a chili cookoff competition and while I'm not making anything (you wouldn't want to eat my chili), I'm super excited to try a bunch of different types (and not pack lunch if I'm being honest)

1pm - One on one with my manager. I'm not just saying this, but I seriously have the best manager! We connect one on one every couple of weeks and I love getting to touch bases with her on things I need help with, and get her feedback on different things

2:30pm - Another call with a Furniture client of mine that's actually located in Michigan, close to where I grew up

3pm - Team meeting with the other Home Goods Account Managers. In this meeting, we'll get a bunch of different updates on things happening internally, as well as talking through different things happening with the brands and buying groups we support

4pm - Catching up on call follow-ups! I'll have a lot to do - and will probably push some of this to tomorrow

5pm - Heading home! Gotta beat the traffic to get my golden retriever out and get him to the dog park before dark

Thanks so much for reading! Each day at Netsertive is truly an adventure and it's a blast getting to work with clients all over the US and help them grow their digital marketing campaigns.


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