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Life as a Product Marketing Specialist

Posted by Mary Clayton Shearer on Nov 29, 2018 9:43:29 AM
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You might have read some of my product blogs recently (hopefully!) and wondering what a day in the life as Mary Clayton Shearer, a Product Marketing Specialist at Netsertive, is like.

It’s exciting! As a Product Marketing Specialist, I work with the other Product Marketing team members to manage Netsertive’s products’ messaging, value propositions, pricing, and packaging, ensuring Netsertive’s products are staying competitive in the marketplace and adding value for our customers.

Each day looks different as a Product Marketing Specialist. One day I’m working with the Product team to develop Limited Availability offerings to our customers to test new ideas to see how we can enhance or develop new products. The next day I’m working with the Marketing team, writing blogs or helping to develop product content.

As the Product Marketing Specialist, I also manage internal updates on all of our products. At Netsertive, Product Marketing hosts “Show & Tell”, which is a bi-weekly, company-wide meeting where the Product and Engineering teams share what they’ve been developing and testing. This can range from internal efficiency enhancements to entirely new products for Netsertive: hello, YouTube! The company gets a first-hand look at what’s coming and can provide feedback to ensure the products we develop are kick-ass.

Finally, the Product Marketing team develops and implements the go-to-market strategy for new products or product enhancements. This includes both the internal and external release plan, so our customers know about our exciting, new products, and our internal team members know how to speak to them and manage them.

Oh, and like Ashley, I’m also involved with the Funcubator. Think of Funcubator like a way cooler version of the Party Planning Committee in the show, The Office. Since being on the team, we’ve had cheese, ranch, and chocolate fountains, a zombie apocalypse competition and rave, a company tailgate with our company’s band playing in the parking lot, and many other not-so-typical company events.

So, that’s me, and my typical day on the job. Check out @Netsertive Instagram tomorrow where I’ll be taking over and giving you a glimpse into the day in the life as a Product Marketing Specialist.

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