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Life as a Senior Client Success Specialist

Posted by Michael Hwang on Dec 11, 2018 9:02:19 AM
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Hey! I’m Michael Hwang and I am Sr. Client Success Specialist here at Netsertive. You may be wondering what that means, and it’s a great question. The Client Success team is responsible for the strategy, execution, and performance of digitally focused marketing for our amazing clients that we’re partnered with. I’ve been with Netsertive for a little over two years, and my main responsibility on the team is managing a number of accounts and working directly with the clients to ensure we’re presenting the right marketing message to the right people, at the right time.

So what’s a normal day look like? My day at the office usually starts off a lot like many others, answering emails and any voicemails over a VERY large cup of coffee (one of the many perks at the office is free coffee). My day looks different depending on what our client's needs are, but I usually spend the majority of my time speaking directly with my clients, reviewing their performance numbers, talking through current business trends, and working with the client to create new goals and strategies. These calls usually happen on a monthly basis to keep a close eye on our efforts and ensure I have a good sense of how their business is performing and to get their feedback. Being able to help a business owner or brand meet their goal is always rewarding, and I thoroughly enjoy being able to build relationships with my clients. I rely on their honest feedback to see where we’re doing well and also where we can improve. 

When I’m not on the phone, I spend a decent amount of my time looking through client campaigns to see how they are performing and to schedule time with our performance teams should an account need a little more TLC. As a client-facing account manager, I work very closely with our internal teams to make sure we’re still on track to hit the goals I set with our clients. One of the best things about Netsertive is the collaborative environment, if needed I can easily work with other teams and everyone is always willing to help out. Netsertive also takes learning seriously and I, along with the other Sr. Account Managers help with training opportunities for current and new team members that come onboard from the basics of digital to sharing new trends or tools we’ve learned to help stay on the cutting edge.

Outside of my day-to-day responsibilities, I’m involved with the corporate giving committee, Netsertive Gives Back. As you can probably guess, I work with an amazing team of people from across the company to help Netsertive Employees aka Netizens (Netsertive + Citizens, can’t take credit for this name, but it’s clever!) make an impact in the community both locally and at large. Like Ashley mentioned in her blog (which you should go read), we recently raised money and packaged meals for developing nations. I’m also the Client Success GTP (Go-to person) for any new team members in my department. The GTPs help new hires in their department get connected with all things Netsertive and are an extra resource during all of the craziness in the first couple of weeks. It’s humbling to have been chosen for the team and to be a leader for our new hires is something I find incredibly rewarding. My favorite part of my job is getting to partner with our amazing clients and internal teams to reach mutual goals.

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