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Life as an Executive Assistant

December 06, 2018


My name is Stephanie Forbes and I am an Executive Assistant at Netsertive. My typical day actually starts at the end of the previous day. I prepare my to-do list for the next day before I leave the office, which allows me to control my own schedule starting when I walk into the door the next morning. To ensure everything runs smoothly for the day ahead, I connect with the rest of the Admin Team to loop them in on who is coming in the office that day, discuss priorities, and review projects.

I report directly to our CEO and Co-Founder, Brendan Morrissey. It’s important that Brendan and I stay on top of everything that’s happening within the company, so we meet frequently. The majority of my day is spent on scheduling and calendar management, but I also like to monitor the executive’s time so they can stay on track for upcoming meetings and appointments. Meeting planning is also something I do regularly by collecting and organizing meeting content. At the end of the day, my main objective is to keep the executive team afloat while helping the office and company as a whole move forward in a positive manner; that’s where my job satisfaction lies. I get a great sense of accomplishment by being an integral part of a well-oiled machine while being entrusted with high priority responsibilities.

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About Stephanie Forbes

Stephanie is Netsertive's Executive Assistant. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her two sons, giving back to the community by volunteering with those that are in need, and finding ways to bring pure joy to others.

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