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Life as an Intern: Week 1

Posted by Tori Colvard on May 20, 2019 10:35:12 AM
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InternToriHi! My name is Tori Colvard. I am currently a senior Marketing major at Campbell University. You absolutely won’t ever catch me wearing orange though. I am joining the Netsertive team this summer as a Marketing Intern. The Marketing Team has asked me to complete this little Q&A to help better introduce myself.

Why Netsertive?
The people.

How do you spend your free time?

YouTube. Pilates. Glass of wine. Hanging with friends. Eating.

What are you most excited to learn during your summer internship?

I am most excited to learn how all the marketing pieces come together in order to create value for a company and clients.

What aspect of marketing would you say is your favorite? 

I would say my current favorite thing about marketing is content creation and brand engagement.

How would you explain digital marketing to your grandparents?

Basically how companies and brands stalk you from online.

When someone says marketing, what are three words that come to mind?

People, place, product. Kidding…maybe.

What was your favorite thing about your first week at Netsertive?

Getting to meet so many awesome people + being welcomed onto the Funcubator team!


Topics: Healthcare, Tech, Corporate, Automotive, Home Goods

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