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Successful Marketing is About People, Not Tactics

Posted by Tim McLain on Dec 16, 2016 2:52:47 PM
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Succesul Marketing

In today’s complex world of modern marketing, there are too many choices, too many decisions, and too little time to focus on what's really important -reaching your ideal customer!

With dozens of platforms and tactics like Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube, LinkedIn, search engine marketing, display banners, digital video, and more, it’s easy to get lost in an endless sea of choices as you create your marketing plan. In fact, this abundance of choice often leads to analysis paralysis.


Analysis Paralysis, noun
The state of overthinking an opportunity so a decision is never taken.
See also: Frozen, inactivity, failure to act/adapt



Stop focusing on the “packed” world of digital marketing choices. Instead, adopt our simple strategy that’s focused on your ideal customer and their journey to purchase.

Think PACD:

Make it easy for customers to find and respond to special promotions (sales) by filling in a form on your website, downloading an offer or printed coupon, or calling you.

Make potential customers aware of you and your products, services, and brands to boost website clicks and store foot traffic.

Leverage marketing tactics to target customers when they’re considering a purchase.

When customers reach the bottom of the marketing funnel and are showing clear buying signals.

Here’s a simple PACD planning chart that maps each campaign type across every month of the year for a traditional local business.

Awareness, Consideration, Decision

While a balanced mix of PACD blocks is a great start, each month can be optimized based on seasonality and demand fluctuations.

In this Q1 example, we start with consistent online visibility with always-on awareness, consideration, and decision tactics, then add a February President’s Day promotion with a direct response element.




Set aside 3-8% of gross sales for marketing activities. While 3% may be sufficient for a small market with limited competition, a larger or more competitive market will require 8% or more.

Next, break up your marketing investments into all three PACD campaign types:

Awareness of your business and your products/services is where to start. Budget your awareness campaign based on the population of your market, competition, and saturation goals.

Consideration and Decision is easy to spot online – local customers doing Internet research for your products, services, and brands. When it comes to a budget, capturing these obvious buying signals will be based on online research volume in your target market. It should trend up and down based on demand over time (think seasonal trends) and will be impacted by your competitors.

Promotional advertising is critical during time-bound sales to spread the word about special offers and sale events. Plan your direct response campaign spending around the population of your target market, seasonal trends, and your response goals.

When we run promotions for brands like Serta, La-Z-Boy, FCA, Kia and other brands, our top-performers have budgets that are strongest at the start and end of each event.

The larger the block, the bigger the percentage of your monthly digital marketing investment we’ll allocate to each approach to meet your goals.



Every month you’ll want to make a unique PACD sandwich incorporating all three digital campaign types. At Netsertive we also think about your digital marketing mix through this lens. It’s our job to translate your sales goals and digital investment into an ever-changing mix of online tactics to reach the right people at the right time with the right messages.

We target customers showing Consideration and Decision to buy based on their online search queries and research behavior – the websites they visit – using tactics like search engine marketing (SEM) and in-market banner (display) advertising.

Promotional campaigns are powered by demographic and user behavior targeting. We leverage platforms including social media (Facebook and LinkedIn), digital video on YouTube and other relevant websites, as well as search and display. We also target people that exhibit similar behavior as your existing customers using lookalike audiences.

Finally, driving local customer Awareness of your business is also best accomplished with behavioral and demographic targeting via search, display banners on relevant websites, social media, and digital video.

Now that you have your online marketing strategy mapped across time, campaigns, and tactics, our digital experts will help you make adjustments to maximize your results and keep your budget on track.

Plus, our digital marketing intelligence technology makes hundreds of campaign changes to keep you ahead of the competition, adding up to more than 1,400 manhours of work every month.



  1. As you plan key Promotions, increase your promotional investment based on your sales goals. Most businesses earmark at least $1,000 per promotion to digital marketing; Labor Day and Black Friday see increased demand and usually require a larger spend to power performance.
  2. You should increase your Awareness budget in the 6 weeks leading up to a strong period of demand or promotion. During your promotional period you may also wish to reduce spend on general awareness to put more emphasis on direct response.
  3. Save budget on custom web pages by utilizing Netsertive’s landing pages from your top brands or product categories. Our pages contain capture forms and high-quality content to convert Consideration and Decision activity into new customer opportunities.
  4. Another way to maximize a smaller investment is to reduce the number of categories (products/services) in your Consideration and Decision campaigns. The smaller this number, the less budget will be required to meet your goals for the remaining categories.
  5. You may wish to capture a lower percentage of research activity (impressions) in your target market. We call this your “share of voice” with 70% being our standard benchmark to indicate good performance for most campaigns.

Don’t be paralyzed by the “packed” collection of ever-expanding modern marketing tactics. Leverage Netsertive’s digital experts and the PACD approach every month to plan your digital marketing campaigns to reach new customers and meet and exceed your sales goals over the long term.


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