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Round 1: Why OEMs Should Give Dealerships Tough-Love Online

Posted by Kerry Cave on Nov 6, 2014 9:15:19 AM

Marketing online today is not about pulling punches, it's about understanding the auto shopper and how they make a purchase decision. Auto buyers have greatly evolved with the growing adoption of the Internet and mobile devices.

Shoppers who are in the market for your inventory are searching online for a local place to make a vehicle purchase. Are your dealerships visible when they're ready to purchase?

Get in the Ring with Your Local Dealerships

Auto shoppers have an expectation that their experience will be one that is personal and reflects their needs. Nobody knows a shopper better than your local dealerships.

As an OEM, you may feel trained and ready for the marketing fight. You have strategically placed TV, radio, print and online ads across the country to generate awareness, but are your dealerships even in the ring?


Marketing isn't what it used to be, it's a different fight altogether to manage your dealerships. Once upon a time dealerships met with the Yellow Pages vendor once a year or placed newspaper ads. Life was simple. You felt in control.

Today your ring is the Internet and every dealership has potentially 1,000s of moves they can make to market their services. Those moves are permanent. Your worst fears about your teenager's online behavior are worries you never thought you would have about your dealerships.

What does your OEM brand look like in the countless advertising versions your dealerships have pieced together with makeshift co-branding that likely does not meet your guidelines. Are they using an outdated logo? They have their own moves to make in their local markets, are untrained in how to represent your brand in their marketing, and may be pushing outdated promotions, incorrect pricing, or worse.


Worse, what if your dealerships aren't in the ring at all? If a potential auto shopper is searching for your brand online and they can't find your products and services in their neighborhood, what good was that investment in TV and radio ads? What's the ROI?

Make your Dealerships Heavyweights

It's your job to give your dealerships tough-love. Push them into the digital age. If they are reluctant, uneducated or not ready to fight in the ring, you need to train them, supplement their efforts, support them. Make them the prizefighters you need them to be.

Your brand marketing team can empower your dealerships to survive and win the last mile of marketing. Consumer Internet research driving to local markets is where your national advertising investment will ultimately pay off, turning brand awareness into sales.

Ding, Ding, Ding

Contact us for a consultation so we can help you give your dealerships tough-love.

About the Author

Kerry Cave
Director of OEM, Netsertive

Patrick has over 22 years of automotive experience with extensive time spent focusing in the OEM space.

Topics: Corporate, Automotive

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