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How to Make The Switch From TV to YouTube

Posted by Cassie Thompson on Aug 16, 2018 3:03:37 PM
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Despite all the evidence that digital video advertising is the future of mass awareness campaigns, it can be scary to make the leap from investing primarily in TV to investing heavily in digital video advertising. We’ve already discussed where digital video excels over TV, so now let’s talk about the logistics of making a switch.

What will happen when I switch budget to digital video?

Depending on your goals, the switch to digital video advertising can result in one of three things.

  1. Expand your reach: Maintain your current budget and increase reach by shifting budget to YouTube. With targeting capabilities like in-market and affinity audiences, you’ll reach a new, more targeted audience on YouTube. This is especially important as younger generations become light TV viewers or cord cutters.
  2. Achieve maximum awareness: Connect with the greatest percentage of your population through a combination of TV and digital video advertising. Add digital video on top of your current media mix to add more digital first and light TV viewers to your audience.
  3. Cost savings: Connect with the same audience at the same scale and frequency at a lower cost. With YouTube, you only pay when someone views or clicks your ad, so you have more control over your budget and ROI than with TV. We’d recommend determining a percentage of gross rating points you want to replace with digital video for this option.

So how do I make the switch?

If you’re worried about taking the leap to digital video, you don’t have to start with a big commitment. Take 10% of your current TV budget and use it to test a YouTube campaign for some of your locations. We recommend YouTube as a good place to start with digital video advertising because it is run from Google Ads, has the widest variety of targeting, and delivers the most in-depth metrics.

If 10% still seems like a lot, we’ve developed a simple calculator to give you a sense of what you could expect from a Netsertive-YouTube campaign. This is based on Netsertive’s key performance indicators for campaigns running Affinity audiences (think hobbies and passions), the most similar targeting type to television. Keep in mind that there is a wide selection of other audiences you can use to make your campaign even more targeted. Pop in a number you are comfortable with and see what YouTube can deliver for you.

YouTube Expectation Calculator

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