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The Biggest Digital Marketing Takeaways from 2018

Posted by Mary Clayton Shearer on Dec 18, 2018 4:21:01 PM
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2018 was a year of Winter Olympics, a royal wedding, and Ariana Grande, but for digital marketing, what were the biggest takeaways from this year?

Multi-channel digital advertising always wins

Netsertive’s Data Products team analyzed thousands of accounts to determine the impact of multi-channel, digital advertising. Not only did we discover the impact of running search advertising and digital video advertising together, but now we know the impact of adding display advertising as well.

Netsertive found that customers (with similar budgets, across multiple industries) who ran display advertising in addition to search advertising saw the following improvements:

  • 62% increase in their Conversion Rate

  • 60% decrease in their Cost per Conversion

  • 59% decrease in their search Cost-Per-Click

  • 27% increase in their search Click-Through Rate

Multi-channel, digital advertising strategies can improve your campaign’s overall performance and help you reach potential customers at every stage of the buying process. Make your New Year’s resolution to add one channel in 2019, and see what happens!

Utilize your first-party data for your digital marketing strategy

Unfortunately, 2018 was also the year of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach. In response, Facebook removed all third-party targeting capabilities which caused some advertisers to scramble for an alternative. Fortunately for digital marketers, utilizing your own first-party data can actually perform better than third-party data.

Digital marketing platforms make it easy for marketers to start using their own first-party data to target potential customers. You can do this on Facebook by creating Custom and Lookalike Audiences or on Google Ads by creating remarketing lists and custom audiences (Google will then create similar audiences for you!).

So, what are you waiting for? With the rising importance of brand safety, there is no better way to start the new year than by reaching new customers via your first-party data.

Shift your TV budget to digital video advertising

Digital video continues to grow. eMarketer.com predicts that digital video ad spend will continue to increase over the next four years while TV ad spend will decrease as more consumers cut the cable. Additionally, digital video companies like YouTube are seeing an incredible increase in monthly users year over year (up to 1.8 billion logged-in monthly users as of May 2018).

In addition, digital video advertising has high visibility and allows marketers to utilize more detailed targeting capabilities and metrics than TV advertising, making it easier for you to know the effectiveness of your campaign.

If you want to start off 2019 with some digital lights, camera, action, use these tips to learn more about shifting your budget from TV to digital video.

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