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Two New YouTube Advertising Products That Excite Us

Posted by Mary Clayton Shearer on Sep 7, 2018 9:18:13 AM
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As digital video usage increases, more advertisers have adopted digital video advertising. Therefore, Google is continuing to release new tools and targeting capabilities on YouTube to give this influx of advertisers better control and value from their campaigns. At Netsertive, we love to test these tools for our customers and Google has two new beta capabilities that get us really excited.

Custom Intent Audiences

Custom Intent Audiences have existed for campaigns running on the Google Display Network for a while now, but Google recently expanded this targeting type to YouTube campaigns. Custom Intent Audiences allow advertisers to develop a list of broad keywords to target users who have searched for those keywords in the past seven days on Google. This is a way for advertisers to connect the dots between Search and Video in a big way.

What we know about Custom Intent Targeting

Netsertive has tested this targeting capability for a handful of customer types and discovered that the broader your geographic targeting, the better Custom Intent Audiences works. National or large regional campaigns are the ideal campaign type for Custom Intent targeting. That doesn’t mean local advertisers can’t take advantage of this targeting type - it just means the broader geography and the more keywords you can add, the more successful your campaign will be.

Google recommends adding at least 300 keywords to your custom intent list and Netsertive has also found that the more keywords you add, the more impressions your campaign will reach.

Google releases a tool to estimate reach on YouTube

The other beta tool that excites us is the Reach Planner. The Reach Planner Tool allows advertisers to see the amount of people they are expected to reach at a particular spend by running YouTube advertising. Think of this as the Keyword Planner for YouTube. Choose your relevant DMA and target audience to see how many people you can reach.

What we know about the Reach Planner Tool

Netsertive has been using this tool to compare reach between YouTube and TV advertising for our customers. It is also a great method for determining budget strategy on YouTube, especially if you plan to use multiple YouTube ad formats like Bumper ads, In-Stream, etc. The tool allows you to customize your media plan depending on objective: reach and awareness, reach on popular content, views and consideration, or frequently bought.

The Reach Planner Tool provides estimates for the reach of Affinity, Custom Affinity, In-Market, and Life Event audiences for DMAs and states in the U.S. and other select countries. The tool allows you to further refine your target audience by gender, age, audience type, and parental status. You’re then able to see estimated reach, impressions, cost-per-view, average frequency, and interaction rate for your desired media plan.

These two new YouTube advertising capabilities are improving the way you can target and find value in YouTube advertising- all the more reasons to start advertising on digital video! Check out our YouTube Advertising blog series for more information.

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