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Under the Hood of Our Healthcare Digital Marketing Campaigns

Posted by Tim McLain on Dec 8, 2016 2:36:36 PM
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In this short video, our medical practice marketing team will take you on a guided tour of several of our healthcare digital marketing campaigns to show you how it all works.

We’ll start by accessing the Netsertive platform.

It’s just a click away at netsertive.com.

The easiest way to start is heading to 'Strategy' and selecting 'Categories.'  This should look very familiar! Each category reflects which you services you offer. You pick which brands you want to advertise online, plus the treatment-specific categories what matter to you.

While this list looks simple, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Every category you choose unlocks a set of proven digital advertisements, online placements, bidding strategies, keywords, and more. We take the guesswork out of advertising what matters to you online. More in a moment.

Next, look under 'Strategy' > 'Geography.'

With digital marketing, we can be hyper-targeted. Your online ads will only be shown to local patients within a radius of your practice. You tell us where you’re getting patients today and where you want to get more tomorrow. Think of the circle as a geofence. You’re protecting your turf online and ensuring that you’re visible to patients in your market.

Now that your categories and geography are set, let’s look at what your digital ads look like. Click Ads.

Here you can see what your search marketing ads will look like on search engines like Google and Bing. We already know which ads perform the best, but our ads are never cookie cutter. We take the time to add your unique selling proposition and promotions to your ads. You can click to see where your ads link on your website.

Your display ads are clean and clear, showing your brands and your practice. Just like your search ads, your display ads link to specific landing pages on your website.

Before we leave your Ad examples, click Ads > Ad Extensions. Here you can see how we include additional links to your website, trackable phone numbers and more to your text ads. These are critical parts of your search engine marketing campaign.

Callout extensions are one of the newest additions where we can highlight what makes your practice special.

Next, let’s talk about reporting.

How can you see the impact your Netsertive campaign is having on your practice?

Start by clicking 'Shoppers.' Your digital advertisements all contain a special phone number. The number starts with your area code so local patients will know you’re right around the corner. When patients see your online ads and pick up the phone to call you, we track every call. They’ll be informed that the call is being recorded so there’s never any confusion.

We recommend that you listen to your calls often. Not only is the full caller id available for every call, but the conversations are a goldmine of information. What treatments and services are patients asking about? Is your team answering calls and questions correctly? You’ll quickly HEAR the value of your Netsertive campaign in the form of new patient opportunities.

Next, click Dashboard.

Here you can see a 30 day roll up of high-level performance data. Just click each header to go in-depth into each metric.

First up are impressions - how many times did your digital ads appear to patients online in the past 30 days? Next, how many times did patients click your ads - and what’s the rate at which they clicked? The higher the better. Next, how many converted - meaning they took action to contact you, filled out a form, or took a specific action that has value to your practice. You can change what we track as a conversion at any time.

You’ll notice that all of our campaigns deliver a top 3 ad position where you’re seen above your competition. Plus, we ensure that you’ll get your share of attention online. We strive to deliver a 70% or higher share of voice, or impression share. That means if 100 people search for you today, you’ll be visible in at least 70 of these searches. Again, the stronger your share of voice the better.

Finally, tuning up your campaign is essential to help you stay ahead of your competition. Netsertive's digital marketing intelligence technology and your expert will make 400 changes or more every month. Plus, we show you how many digital ads are running, and how many changes we made to your strategy.

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