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What does it really mean to be a Facebook Marketing Partner?

Posted by Cassie Thompson on Feb 21, 2019 9:39:44 AM
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Netsertive is excited to announce that we are now a badged Facebook Marketing Partner! This achievement is a culmination of work over the last few years to create a unique technology Platform that scales our customers’ campaigns across advertising platforms, including Facebook. We are proud to be recognized for these efforts and their impact on our customers. Some of us are so proud, in fact, that one of our Product Managers is getting a tattoo in commemoration. Digital advertising is our life here at Netsertive, what can we say.

All joking aside, companies often flaunt achievements like this without explaining what it means in a practical sense. We can’t speak for others, but this is what becoming a Facebook Marketing Partner means for us:

We are recognized for building technology capabilities that help our customers scale and execute advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Netsertive is a Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology specialities. This means that, as part of the application process, the technology that we created was vetted by Facebook to determine whether it helped customers scale and optimize their ad campaigns.

Netsertive has put in years of work to build a unique platform focused on our Scaled LocalizationTM solution, which empowers brands to scale localized marketing efforts across advertising channels. This solution includes the ability to scale brand creative across locations, utilize network learnings to identify high-intent consumers, and make agile changes across hundreds of locations in moments. These capabilities allow our brand customers to take back control of localized marketing efforts and make more informed decisions.

We have access to unique Facebook Marketing Partner programs and technical support.

As a Facebook Marketing Partner, Netsertive has access to additional technical support and exclusive programs from Facebook. With these resources, Netsertive can deliver even greater value to our customers and be some of the first to test new advertising features on Facebook.

The story isn’t over yet!

Even though we are now officially a Facebook Marketing Partner, the work doesn’t stop there. Our Scaled LocalizationTM solution will continue to grow and evolve as we discover new ways to help our customers scale across advertising channels, including Facebook. We will also continue to share awesome success stories of our clients using Facebook to impact their business (like this and this).

Want to know more about how our People and Platform fuel success on Facebook? Check out our brand new website for more information.

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