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Why You Should Shift Your Advertising Dollars From TV to YouTube

Posted by Mary Clayton Shearer on Jun 12, 2018 4:40:10 PM
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YouTube is reaping the benefits of the viewer migration from live TV to digital video. Just recently, YouTube reported a staggering 1.8 billion logged-in viewers each month, up from 1.5 billion logged-in viewers in mid-2017.

With a massive audience, YouTube is a natural place to start experimenting with digital video advertising. Not to mention, YouTube advertising campaigns are run directly from AdWords (the same platform that runs Google Search) making it easy to use one to enhance the other.

Here are the top reasons advertisers should consider shifting their advertising dollars from TV to YouTube.

1. High visibility

Over one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched daily around the world. That is a whole lot of time for you to promote your business to local audiences. With ad formats like YouTube’s TrueView In-Stream, your business will continue to get exposure through a companion banner even if your video ad is skipped. Paired with the targeting capabilities and metrics explained below, this high volume of visibility provides a big opportunity for you to promote your business.

2. Detailed Targeting Capabilities

YouTube has a variety of detailed targeting capabilities and robust attribution metrics, so you can ensure your money is being spent effectively to target your ideal market. With TV, you are able to select TV network(s), channels, or shows where you’d like your ad to run based on the demographics of the audience during that time of day or in that geography. YouTube takes this concept further with more than ten detailed targeting options to choose from with a content or audience focus. Plus, you have the ability to refine time of day and geographic area for your ads so that you can reach your ideal, local customer at the exact moment and location where they need your business most.

3. In-depth Metrics

TV advertising has always been measured by Gross Rating Point (GRP), which reports impressions as a percentage of the target population. YouTube advertising provides reporting on impressions too, but alongside a host of other metrics to determine the success of your video advertising campaign. You can choose your key performance indicators from things like view rate, click-through rate, video played percentages, watch time, cost-per-view, search lift, and more.

Interested in trying out digital video as a marketing channel? Stay tuned for our next blog explaining how to effectively shift your marketing dollars to digital video and the best practices to do so.

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