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Why Your Search Conquesting Campaigns are Failing and What You Can Do About It

Posted by Mary Clayton Shearer on Apr 26, 2018 10:22:59 AM
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Automotive dealers are constantly striving to gain a competitive advantage in their local markets. Conquesting, targeting a competing brand’s keywords through a search campaign, is a traditional way to achieve market advantage through digital advertising. Though this is seen as effective, unfortunately, these conquesting campaigns typically result in a high cost per click, low click-through rate, high cost per conversion, high bounce rate, and low time on site.

Why do traditional search conquesting campaigns often fail to perform?

The ad is not relevant to the searcher. If someone is searching for a Ford F-150, they want to see Ford F-150 search results, not a page promoting another vehicle or brand. As a result, pages related to Ford F-150 will perform better because their relevance to the searcher is higher, ultimately making their Quality Score higher.

The buyer’s path to purchase isn’t linear. There are many digital interactions in a consumer’s path to purchase a car. In 2016, Google tracked one consumer who had over 900+ digital interactions before he/she ultimately made a car purchase. This volume of interactions makes ad relevance even more important. Consider the example where the consumer might have already researched the Ford F-150, and now wants to compare it to the RAM 1500. When they search for RAM but see a Ford ad, not only is it not relevant, but it also doesn’t fit their need at the time.

What’s a better alternative for search conquesting campaigns?

One of the best ways to convert a buyer from one brand to another is to influence them before they even start their research. Facebook Interest Targeting allows advertisers to serve campaigns to users interested in particular brands. By targeting users who are interested in competing brands or car types, you can achieve your conquesting objectives without search.  

Netsertive has seen increases in website traffic, higher conversion rates, and lower cost per click when running Facebook conquesting campaigns over traditional search conquesting campaigns. In a recent conquesting campaign conducted by Netsertive’s Operations team, we compared running a Facebook conquesting campaign using interest targeting to traditional search conquesting campaign using competitors’ keywords, and Facebook achieved much better results than search:

Conquesting for Brand X
















Key Takeaways 

If you are planning to run conquesting campaigns to meet your business objectives, consider alternatives to traditional search engine marketing. Running Facebook campaigns and exploring other conquesting opportunities can help you achieve better results at a significantly lower cost.

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