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Will Your Dealership Score or Fumble?

Posted by Danielle Quarles on Dec 8, 2017 10:02:25 AM
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Will Your Dealership Score or Fumble

On Sunday, February 4, 2018, over 100 million people plan to tune into Super Bowl. In addition to watching the game, critiquing commercials, and indulging in wings and pizza, what else will viewers be doing during the game? Using their smartphones. In fact, during the 2017 Super Bowl Google reported that on average, websites saw 4x their usual traffic. So how does your brand plan to reach your audience when millions of eyes are on these screens?

What if you don't have millions to spend on commercial airtime?

Just because you don't have a blockbuster budget for a Super Bowl TV campaign, that doesn’t mean there’s not a way to get in the game. In a recent Think With Google article, Google explains how Beats by Dre wanted to launch a last minute, high-profile campaign to feature the Beats' Brand Ambassador and Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady during the 2017 Super Bowl. With a limited budget and timeline, they weren't able to launch a TV commercial, so they turned to video and social media advertising. Here are some of the tips followed when building their campaigns.

 4 Quick Tips to Build a Super Bowl campaign without a TV ad

  1. Go where the people are. Mobile devices dominated views of ads and teasers on YouTube during the game, according to Google.
  2. Pick a single goal and appropriate KPI. What will be the goal of your advertising campaign? Will you aim to drive sales or build brand awareness? Decide this first, then map your campaigns and KPI's to that goal. Beats by Dre chose average view duration as the best KPI to measure success in this endeavor, and on YouTube they were able to achieve an average view duration of 97%.
  3. Fine-tune your optimizations. With a small amount of time to make an impact, it's important to prepare to optimize your campaigns quickly. Beats by Dre looked at watch time and audience retention metrics to inform their ad format mix and creative optimization.
  4. Plan ahead and be nimble. You can never predict the outcome with live sports, but you can always build out various game plans to be ready no matter what happens.

Now it's your turn to score during the big game.

Now's your chance to capitalize on the biggest football game of 2018. With a data-driven digital marketing mix, you can bring quality leads and high-intent consumers to your local dealership. Will your dealership score or fumble? Learn how in our upcoming webinar on January 11th. Grab your seat now!

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