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Will Your Store Score or Fumble During This Year's Big Game?

Posted by Ashlei Valles on Jan 15, 2018 11:27:20 AM
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Will yout store score or funmble during this years big game?

Football fans are paying record prices for tickets to the big game February 4th, but they're not the only ones looking to invest a lot of cash and effort in making Super Bowl Sunday a memorable event. Businesses and brands are also aiming to score big points with fans when it comes time for the kickoff in Minnesota this year.

So let's talk strategy.

Below, we've rounded up the best ways for your business or brand to score big during this high profile event.

1. Get more "bang for your buck" with digital advertising.

Super Bowl season is almost here and for those businesses and brands looking to capitalize on this event, that means your focus is on how to get the most “bang for your buck” during the big game. And with the million dollar price tag of TV commercial airtime, savvy marketers are realizing digital offers almost as much opportunity to get their message heard during the Super Bowl, with a fraction of the price tag.

2. Super Bowl advertising has become a multi-platform event - plan accordingly!

As viewers tune in to the Super Bowl, most of them will have their smartphones by their side, meaning mobile ads will win a large share of online attention and activity. So plan accordingly and go mobile with your ads and make sure your website is optimized for mobile traffic.

Mobile search ads can help you connect with the millions of smartphone users who are searching on their phones. Another tip for local businesses, consider long-tail keywords, that include the neighborhood your business is located in.

Also know that voice search is huge with mobile, so people are searching differently. Rather than typing in “furniture store near me,” a user might voice search with Siri, Amazon Echo or Google Home “What’s the best place to buy a recliner near me?” Knowing this, you can use these semantic search phrases in your campaigns to better reach your mobile audience.

Beyond mobile search ads, Facebook ads are now mobile friendly and with over two-thirds of Facebook traffic being mobile, there is far more available inventory to optimize.

3. Rising online video consumption brings sports advertising opportunities to all.

Every day, more and more consumers cut the cord on cable TV and switch to various digital video streaming options instead. This presents an opportunity for businesses and brands to create video content with themes connected to the Super Bowl that can live on its own both before, and after, the big game.

Pepsi and Papa John’s for example, partnered last year on a football-themed video campaign that launched before the Super Bowl and continued after it ended. Using a series of teasers, “behind-the-scenes” videos and exclusive web content supported by social media, the two brands were able to reach more than 18 million viewers, including 4.5 million views on Facebook alone.

 For more tips on how your businesses can capitalize on the biggest football game of 2018, watch our on-demand webinar.

Watch the Webinar!

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